Individual Program

Tailormade Program

Your very own program made by

your coach.

Everything is based on your goals and needs with continuous feedback

Carrying coach

Work together with your coach and move towards your goal. 

We always do our best to be there for you.


Self made

We know how hard it can be to fight

for your goal.

We can´t do the hard work for you and we will never take credit for your hard work.

Individual Program

When only the best is good enough

Indivudal Program

We provide both online and on-site remote coaching. 

Online Individual Program

Start your journey towards your goal with your very own tailor made program and a carrying coach.

Along the way your program will evolve around your progression and life. 

But first, lets start of with a consultation!

Online individual program pricing

  • Elite Athlete (10+ session / week) - 2000sek / month
  • Athlete (6-10 sessions / week)  - 1500sek / month
  • Health and Fitness  (2-5 sessions / week ) 1000sek / month

On-Site individual design

Take your individual program one step further!

Sign up for a real life changing experience when it comes to your fitness journey. 

Together with your very own tailor made program you will get the possibility to train alongside your coach On-site.

On-Site individual design Pricing

*All prices includes your indivudal program.

  • 1 On-site session / week - 2700sek / month
  • 2 On-site session / week - 4500sek / month


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Address - Blästergatan 15 Varberg